You Need to Know about the Beret Styles

Berets are popular in autumn and winter every year, but they are often stereotyped as if they must be accompanied by a romantic curly hair with a whole body of grace to the highest point.

Berets were first worn by shepherds in southwestern France in the 15th century, and later by the Basques on the border between France and Spain, which were called Basque berets.

Since the mid-20th century, berets have been used in the army, with colors representing different meanings.

Black: U. S. military imaginary enemy forces;

Blue: United Nations peacekeeping forces;

Red: the Red Devil Force of the British Army;

Green: member of the main force of the United States Army;

After the middle of the 20th century, berets were no longer just male, military accessories, but also gradually formed a trend in the women’s fashion circle, and continue to burn to this day. The long history of berets, of course, also experienced many changes, from the earliest elegant, expensive image, to later with the change of fashion, women wearing berets finally began to wear personality, handsome side.

Temperament elegant wind

If you want to be a lady, wearing a dress is definitely the fastest way to walk, the world seems to start playing slowly. Do not limit the skirt, as long as the top of the beret, the whole is more than a book smell, so that people want to be close!

Beret pleated skirt, 100 fold skirt of the book is already strong enough, wearing a beret, temperament is more divided, feeling is love to read the girl!

Beret & dress, think of these sets if not with beret, would be boring? Hat can choose the color that corresponds to the clothes, the overall shape will be more harmonious!

Casual wind

Girls who don’t like skirts can, of course, wear casual pants, which are the most comfortable. Did not expect to wear berets, not only did not reduce the rate of sexy, but make the shape more personality!

Beret all-body tannins, even if the whole body cowboy unit, Beret remains calm, silently become the best supporting role.

Berets trousers, basically a set of eye-catching wear, but with the strength of the beret, of course, can be controlled.

Street, dark wind

A good hat can take you to heaven, berets are one of them. Although its design and street, dark wind a bit conflict, but definitely not weird, but a kind of cool and insist on the beauty of micro-elegant.

Beret hole cowboy, not only the baseball cap is suitable for this dress, beret to tell you very overbearing: I also super good!

Black berets, sometimes wearing black may be too boyish or cold, at this time, beret is a savior, always at the critical moment to help you back the feminine and gentle temperament.

Although berets originated in Europe, fashion is not limited by the region, no matter which style, as long as you like, to buy a match, after all, no reason to say, when you really wear it, you know the charm of the beret.

Originated in Europe, the beret fashion is not limited by a certain region or area, no matter which style, as long a s you know.   




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