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Since the autumn and winter of last year, the fashion world has been permeated with an atmosphere of retro. The atmosphere of literature and art has continued into autumn and winter, and it is still hot this year, because this wave of sweet and personal berets has become a popular item for autumn and winter. Is a lot of people to increase the size of the individual products, but also many female stars favorite fashion accessories.

Wearing hats during the winter season doesn’t just allow you to keep your head and ears warm, but also provides a fashionable aesthetic that can only truly be pulled off during this chilly, yet magical time of year. Needless to say, winter hats come in all shapes, style, and colors…so what are your considerations for the 2018 winter season? Just some of the hat types to choose from.

A beret is a flat-topped round brimless cap, usually made of woolen fabric. Originally from ancient Greece and Rome, it was the main trade commodity between the Romans and the surrounding cities. Because of its advantages of ease of inclusion, portability and gender neutrality, it has been used by many military forces since the mid-20th century as part of the uniforms of many countries. Later spread to France, because of its simplicity but personality and popular with the local people, and then slowly developed into a fashion accessories unit.

Because the berets are soft and do not have a specific hat shape, many different styles can be extended. When wearing, the soft top is usually inclined to one side, as if the hat with a button, but in fact to look good and some skills, as long as the use of small skills, you can wear berets stylish and stylish.

Catch up with the Simple Fashion

If the fabric is a stiff woolen, it is suitable for the beret to be fastened directly, instead of being specially moulded, but to keep the brim fluffy and three-dimensional, but to remember that the height of the hat should not be too high, and that the front position of the hat above the eyebrows is the most suitable and elegant. A minimalist style of leisure.

To wear with French Elegance

The most classic way to wear a hat is to gently tilt the hat, with a soft top slanting side, is the most common and the least-heeled dapper. No matter what style you wear, just wear a beret with a fresh, retro French style.

Sharp and Spontaneous Method

Finally, there is the dapper that pulls the hat back all round, whether it is to tuck your hair into the hat, or to have a brushy haircut, as long as you remember that the front of the hat must remain flat so that the soft top is concentrated in the back of the head. You can create a sleek and personal style.

There are many kinds of berets, not only can be matched with a variety of styling styles, the style is classic and not easy to retreat, such fashion accessories are really worth investing in, learn the small skills to wear, and see how other goddesses match. You can interpret it perfectly!


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