Beret Fashion Matching For 2018

What’s the ultimate accessory to complement all of those plaid blazers, minimalist turtlenecks, and slinky silk tops taking over your wardrobe this fall? The beret was first used as a military cap, but after dropping the colors of the battlefield, its elegant French style and unique personality captured the hearts of fashion men and women, from fashion supermodels to street photographs. Berets can be seen in the fall fashion in a different hat status, precisely because of this history and customs, let it in this nearly 20 years of autumn fashion, occupied an unshakable fashion status.

The common berets are usually leather or woolen styles. The two styles have different advantages and disadvantages, and they also have different styles in collocation. The leather texture looks more firm and sharp. Whether it is the basic black or special bright color system, can make people more dynamic and personality. Want to have more feminine style, wool style is the best choice, choose white, beige or earth color, let cool autumn and winter more a little warm, look light and gentle.

Beret & shirt, women’s elegant combination

When the shirt goes with the beret fragrance, the unintentional elegance of the shirt unintentionally fits the beret’s elegance, giving women a taste in their own hands, an irresistible French flavor. Wearing dresses or trousers can also bring this elegance to different heights.No matter what you wear, Just choose a suitable hat. And it will make you more charming and adorable in summer!  You’re a charming landscape with a charming fashion straw hat. Embracing the breath of the sea, Opening the tour of elegant.

Beret & knitting, autumn exclusive style combination

Knitting and berets are red in the autumn, using different knitting thickness and layer combination, so that the seemingly soft material more stiff, gentle and handsome, will be more gentle out of the human taste.

Beret & body skirt, feminine style seamless integration

These two are very feminine individual products. Naturally, the match between the two is a perfect match that wants to complement and complement each other. The variety of dresses, coupled with the blessing of berets, increases the ease of comfort, whether it is wearing a single dress or not. Or do some level of collocation, can adapt to autumn temperature changes and fashion.

Beret & long coat, master autumn and winter fashion momentum

Long plate coat handsome and momentum, easy to have a strong fashion air, such an atmosphere inevitably has a distance, with a beret can soften such a neutral style, so more visual possibilities.

Beret & short jacket, free display of personality

How to use the same material for extension is a very important collocation. After choosing a leather beret, you can choose the same leather coat again, and use a short cut to make people look more agile and energetic. Show a handsome MAN flavor, without losing their character. 

Beret hats aren’t as common as other winter hat types, yet bring to mind a more classic time (think Paris in the 1950s). They’ll definitely help you not only get noticed, but also applauded for your fashion forwardness.

Whatever hat type you choose, its hard to go wrong. As long as it helps you stay confident and warm, you’re good to go.

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