Necessary Common Sense about Sunburn

Everybody may know about sunburn — a pain in the skin. There are more matters about sunburn than meets the eye. In fact, a flesh sunburn is caused by harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Redness and pain are typical symptoms of sunburn. How to define the severity of sunburn? It’s depends on duration time and intensity of UV rays. Such a condition only occurs when a person is exposed to intense UV rays, which exceed the protective capacity of melanin in the skin. Except for albinism, melanin is a natural protectant against ultraviolet radiation. Albinism is a symptom that there is little or no melanin in one’s body. Melanin is a kind of pigment produced from cells and determines colours of hair, eyes, the skin, etc.

As a result of UV radiation, the protective mechanism of human being’s body is to tan the skin. Only a certain amount of melanin is produced in one’s body. Such a substance could not be supplemented like a vitamin or a mineral material. To a certain extent, the darker the skin, the more melanin it contains. So, more or less, skin color is a signal of the amount in one’s body. The following chart is a spectrum of skin types, and also an object of reference.

In general, natural protection mechanism of human body is able to defence up to 4 SPF. In spite of the effective natural protection mechanism, it is not enough for outdoor enthusiasts to keep them away from intense UV rays. A wide brim bucket hat helps a lot in shading one’s ears and the neck. But what should I do to protect other areas beyond shade provided by a hat.

It’s too late for one to cover up the skin when it is turning pink. It is probable that sunburn has already taken place. Crafty sunburn takes place even after one cover the skin up or apply sunscreen. After 6 to 48 hours of sunburn, the pain is at its worse. Then, some dead skin cells flake off; then a peeling process starts.

It seems safe after sunburn disappeared and the skin get tanned. Potential damaging effects have been buried at the cellular level. DNA damage could be triggered by UV radiation; such a damage could be passed onto cell progeny. At the same time, UV radiation damage cumulates with time. Perhaps skin damages could evolve to skin cancer.

Three common skin cancer include basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. On the other hand, some effective measures could be taken to prevent sunburn and skin cancer. Research shows that most skin cancers and symptoms are related to the sun. Actually, everyone needs to be proactive when confronted with sun protection problems.

What should you do if you are the “unlucky” recipient of sunburn? In general, one should contact a paediatrician at once if your baby aged under 1 year has sunburn, and observe your baby to see whether there is blistering pain or fever. It’s an emergency for a baby.

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You Need to Know about the Beret Styles

Berets are popular in autumn and winter every year, but they are often stereotyped as if they must be accompanied by a romantic curly hair with a whole body of grace to the highest point.

Berets were first worn by shepherds in southwestern France in the 15th century, and later by the Basques on the border between France and Spain, which were called Basque berets.

Since the mid-20th century, berets have been used in the army, with colors representing different meanings.

Black: U. S. military imaginary enemy forces;

Blue: United Nations peacekeeping forces;

Red: the Red Devil Force of the British Army;

Green: member of the main force of the United States Army;

After the middle of the 20th century, berets were no longer just male, military accessories, but also gradually formed a trend in the women’s fashion circle, and continue to burn to this day. The long history of berets, of course, also experienced many changes, from the earliest elegant, expensive image, to later with the change of fashion, women wearing berets finally began to wear personality, handsome side.

Temperament elegant wind

If you want to be a lady, wearing a dress is definitely the fastest way to walk, the world seems to start playing slowly. Do not limit the skirt, as long as the top of the beret, the whole is more than a book smell, so that people want to be close!

Beret pleated skirt, 100 fold skirt of the book is already strong enough, wearing a beret, temperament is more divided, feeling is love to read the girl!

Beret & dress, think of these sets if not with beret, would be boring? Hat can choose the color that corresponds to the clothes, the overall shape will be more harmonious!

Casual wind

Girls who don’t like skirts can, of course, wear casual pants, which are the most comfortable. Did not expect to wear berets, not only did not reduce the rate of sexy, but make the shape more personality!

Beret all-body tannins, even if the whole body cowboy unit, Beret remains calm, silently become the best supporting role.

Berets trousers, basically a set of eye-catching wear, but with the strength of the beret, of course, can be controlled.

Street, dark wind

A good hat can take you to heaven, berets are one of them. Although its design and street, dark wind a bit conflict, but definitely not weird, but a kind of cool and insist on the beauty of micro-elegant.

Beret hole cowboy, not only the baseball cap is suitable for this dress, beret to tell you very overbearing: I also super good!

Black berets, sometimes wearing black may be too boyish or cold, at this time, beret is a savior, always at the critical moment to help you back the feminine and gentle temperament.

Although berets originated in Europe, fashion is not limited by the region, no matter which style, as long as you like, to buy a match, after all, no reason to say, when you really wear it, you know the charm of the beret.

Originated in Europe, the beret fashion is not limited by a certain region or area, no matter which style, as long a s you know.   




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Winter Weather Hat Fashion, Beret Hat

Since the autumn and winter of last year, the fashion world has been permeated with an atmosphere of retro. The atmosphere of literature and art has continued into autumn and winter, and it is still hot this year, because this wave of sweet and personal berets has become a popular item for autumn and winter. Is a lot of people to increase the size of the individual products, but also many female stars favorite fashion accessories.

Wearing hats during the winter season doesn’t just allow you to keep your head and ears warm, but also provides a fashionable aesthetic that can only truly be pulled off during this chilly, yet magical time of year. Needless to say, winter hats come in all shapes, style, and colors…so what are your considerations for the 2018 winter season? Just some of the hat types to choose from.

A beret is a flat-topped round brimless cap, usually made of woolen fabric. Originally from ancient Greece and Rome, it was the main trade commodity between the Romans and the surrounding cities. Because of its advantages of ease of inclusion, portability and gender neutrality, it has been used by many military forces since the mid-20th century as part of the uniforms of many countries. Later spread to France, because of its simplicity but personality and popular with the local people, and then slowly developed into a fashion accessories unit.

Because the berets are soft and do not have a specific hat shape, many different styles can be extended. When wearing, the soft top is usually inclined to one side, as if the hat with a button, but in fact to look good and some skills, as long as the use of small skills, you can wear berets stylish and stylish.

Catch up with the Simple Fashion

If the fabric is a stiff woolen, it is suitable for the beret to be fastened directly, instead of being specially moulded, but to keep the brim fluffy and three-dimensional, but to remember that the height of the hat should not be too high, and that the front position of the hat above the eyebrows is the most suitable and elegant. A minimalist style of leisure.

To wear with French Elegance

The most classic way to wear a hat is to gently tilt the hat, with a soft top slanting side, is the most common and the least-heeled dapper. No matter what style you wear, just wear a beret with a fresh, retro French style.

Sharp and Spontaneous Method

Finally, there is the dapper that pulls the hat back all round, whether it is to tuck your hair into the hat, or to have a brushy haircut, as long as you remember that the front of the hat must remain flat so that the soft top is concentrated in the back of the head. You can create a sleek and personal style.

There are many kinds of berets, not only can be matched with a variety of styling styles, the style is classic and not easy to retreat, such fashion accessories are really worth investing in, learn the small skills to wear, and see how other goddesses match. You can interpret it perfectly!


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Beret Fashion Matching For 2018

What’s the ultimate accessory to complement all of those plaid blazers, minimalist turtlenecks, and slinky silk tops taking over your wardrobe this fall? The beret was first used as a military cap, but after dropping the colors of the battlefield, its elegant French style and unique personality captured the hearts of fashion men and women, from fashion supermodels to street photographs. Berets can be seen in the fall fashion in a different hat status, precisely because of this history and customs, let it in this nearly 20 years of autumn fashion, occupied an unshakable fashion status.

The common berets are usually leather or woolen styles. The two styles have different advantages and disadvantages, and they also have different styles in collocation. The leather texture looks more firm and sharp. Whether it is the basic black or special bright color system, can make people more dynamic and personality. Want to have more feminine style, wool style is the best choice, choose white, beige or earth color, let cool autumn and winter more a little warm, look light and gentle.

Beret & shirt, women’s elegant combination

When the shirt goes with the beret fragrance, the unintentional elegance of the shirt unintentionally fits the beret’s elegance, giving women a taste in their own hands, an irresistible French flavor. Wearing dresses or trousers can also bring this elegance to different heights.No matter what you wear, Just choose a suitable hat. And it will make you more charming and adorable in summer!  You’re a charming landscape with a charming fashion straw hat. Embracing the breath of the sea, Opening the tour of elegant.

Beret & knitting, autumn exclusive style combination

Knitting and berets are red in the autumn, using different knitting thickness and layer combination, so that the seemingly soft material more stiff, gentle and handsome, will be more gentle out of the human taste.

Beret & body skirt, feminine style seamless integration

These two are very feminine individual products. Naturally, the match between the two is a perfect match that wants to complement and complement each other. The variety of dresses, coupled with the blessing of berets, increases the ease of comfort, whether it is wearing a single dress or not. Or do some level of collocation, can adapt to autumn temperature changes and fashion.

Beret & long coat, master autumn and winter fashion momentum

Long plate coat handsome and momentum, easy to have a strong fashion air, such an atmosphere inevitably has a distance, with a beret can soften such a neutral style, so more visual possibilities.

Beret & short jacket, free display of personality

How to use the same material for extension is a very important collocation. After choosing a leather beret, you can choose the same leather coat again, and use a short cut to make people look more agile and energetic. Show a handsome MAN flavor, without losing their character. 

Beret hats aren’t as common as other winter hat types, yet bring to mind a more classic time (think Paris in the 1950s). They’ll definitely help you not only get noticed, but also applauded for your fashion forwardness.

Whatever hat type you choose, its hard to go wrong. As long as it helps you stay confident and warm, you’re good to go.

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