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        2015-05-22   瀏覽量:

              1.The foreign teachers should observe Chinese laws or rules and relevant regulations formulated by HEBIC.
              2.The foreign teachers ought to save the water, electricity, gas and other kinds of energy during their stay. Any illegal or big power electric appliances should not be used in the apartment. It is not allowed to keep the air-conditioner on when leaving the premises.
              3.To prevent electric shock, please UNPLUG the power before having shower.
              4.When CD / VIDEO, TV, or computer games are running, please control the volume not disturbing neighbors, especially at the time of noon and after 10:00pm.
              5.For the sake of security and management, IRD needs to be informed through Email (internation@hebic.cn) if the foreign teacher plans to go outside Shijiazhuang.
              6.The foreign teachers are required to return to the apartment before 11:00pm for the safety reasons.
              7.Foreign teachers are strongly recommended not to take taxis without a legal license. Every time please ask for a receipt from the driver as it is the only clue left to solve a complaint or deal with any lost.
              8.No smoking on campus ground. Please extinguish a cigarette end into an ashtray in the balcony as the room is required to keep away smoking odors.
              9.The foreign teacher is advised to go to big supermarket or national-franchise shops buy living goods with high quality and good services. The mobile phone battery is strongly advised to purchase the original one to match in order to prevent unexpected accident.
             10.When a foreign teacher needs to see a doctor, please
        go to an official hospital rather than a private clinic.
             11.No pets are permitted in the apartment.
             12.The foreign teachers ought to take care of personal belongings such as passports and cash. Any valuables or a great amount of cash are not suggested to be kept in the room.
             13.The foreign teachers should not change the facilities in the room. It is not allowed to change the locks of the apartment or make copies of the key for others or add another key without permission.
             14.Garbage should be cleaned on time and it is suggested to move the packaged rubbish into the dustbin and not to be piled in the public corridor or throw from the windows.
             15.When leaving for prolonged periods holiday, check if the doors and the windows are closed and turn off the power and the gas valve..
             16.The foreign teachers should report to administrators or IRD immediately, once any equipment failure or safety problems are found. If there is gas leakage or in the event of fire, please shut off the power and leave the room immediately, call “119” for fire and “110” for alarm.
             17.Any outside visitors should register at the security guardhouse before entering the apartment, and have to leave before 23:00. It is not allowed to provide accommodation to others without permission. Otherwise the foreign teacher will be taken disciplinary action depending on the circumstances  and charged costs appropriate to a high level hotel.
            18.During the holiday, before leaving, the foreign teacher should report to IRD, and make sure that the key is taken care of properly or place it in the IRD. The key should not be given to anyone else without permission.
            19.When the contract is ended, the key must be returned to IRD.
            20.Any activity involving the disobeying of JUST regulations or breaching the Chinese law will receive the corresponding penalty.



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